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A new GRINDEF has been released. This features 'correct' printing of
HUNKs. This feature can be turned off by doing (SETQ HUNKSPRIN1 NIL)
for people afraid this new 'feature' will break their code. It is
possible to define your own hunk printer. I'll write doc on how to do
that soon. Jonathan REES is working on writing a printer for the
**SELF-EVAL** things in the extended support packages. Also fixed
in the new GRINDEF is the pretty sprinter'ing of LAMBDA's and LET's.
I forgot to do EVAL-WHEN's in this pass. That will come soon.
The new GRINDEF is GFN 437 (LISP;GFN FASL) on AI,ML,MC. The old
version is LISP;GFN OFASL on MC.