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[no subject]

I have noticed the following for some time now and have decided to
send you this note.

I often use macros of the form

(declare (special foo))
(setq foo (array nil fixnum 10.))
(defmacro etc (x) `(arraycall fixnum foo ,x))

and then invoke them with either

     (setq bar (+ 5 (etc 1)))	;a fetch
     (store (etc 4) -37238.)	;a store

When I use the Rich Stepper, and try stepping through the
macro expansion, everything is fine up to the step where
the next thing to be eval'd is

(store (arraycall fixnum foo 4) -37238.)	;following the above example

Now, if I type <rubout>, everything is fine.  However, if I
type <space> or M, I usually get a DIDN'T EVAL TO GOOD ARRAY