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The code for QUIT and VALRET is totally bugous.
(QUIT 5) should do a .BREAK 16,(D).  Probably it should do it in this case even
if %OPBRK is not on, since the user explicitly asked that a .BREAK be done.
What it IS doing is horrible.  First off, it tries to kill the job.  Then it
.VALUE's if %OPBRK is off, else finally does the .BREAK 16,(D) you asked for
(although of course the job has already been killed by this point).  Then if
you managed to save the job from that first .LOGOUT, and continue from your
(QUIT 5) (which would NOT kill the job, merely return to DDT with an error)
it will  try to kill your job again (persistant bastard, ain't it), and if
it survives that, does a (VALRET '/:VK/ ) before finally returning.
Such persistence in doing the wrong thing is almost to be admired....