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    Date: 9 February 1980 08:37-EST
    From: Robert W. Sjoberg <SJOBRG at MIT-AI>
    To:   BUG-LISP at MIT-AI

    Is there any easy way to have commas in a (comment ... ) without having to
    slashify them, and without COMPLR complaining about them not being inside
Yes, there is. You can turn off comma. This can be done by doing...


and you can re-enable it later (if you need to) with...

(SSTATUS MACRO /, '|+INTERNAL-,-macro/||)

I think probably if you do (SETQ |`-,-level/|| 1.) you will probably
win also, without disabling , from its normal use.  You won't
get error messages if you mess up with commas and use them in bad places
but they will disappear ok when used out of context in (comment ...) unless
they see a ")" right after them or something like that .... I recommend the
'clean' way with just turning off the /, macro tho'.