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SAIL and segmentation

Several people here at SAIl are having tremendous difficulty
using MacLISP because of the small address space in the low
segment.  They have small amounts of compiled code, and
so sharing is of little consequence; also, SAIL now has lots
of physical memory.  What matters is the limitation on list
structure.  Horror upon horrors, how difficult would it be
at thisstage of the game to re-install the ability to have
a one-segment LISP for TOPS-10/SAIL?  The system segments
would have to be back down below BPS and initial list structure,
with the attendant changes to guys like SYSP who hack BEGFUN
and ENDFUN, etc.; also the core allocator would have to be
munged a little, and the high-segment FASLOAD stuff excised or
at least disabled.  They are really hurting here -- what do
you think?