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    Date: 11 JUL 1978 2122-EDT
    From: RLB at MIT-MC (Richard L. Bryan)
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-MC

    After reopening TYO in '(ECHO) and TYI in '(ECHO FIXNUM) (the latter to
    be able to tyi the full char set), rettyconsing TYI & TYO, resetting
    the tty prescan, (sometimes) moving all the interrupt functions (whew!),
    (TYI) returns the right number including the bucky bits, but (TYI TYI) 
    barfs about TYI not being an Ascii file object. (IN TYI) barfs about TYI
    not being a binary input file.  How the hell can this be?
TYI (et al.) now accept binary files if they are TTY's.

IN/OUT now accept TTY binary files and do the "right" thing.

This has been fixe din the source and patched in the running LISP on MC.