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    Date: 9 JUL 1978 0131-EDT
    From: JPG at MIT-MC (Jeffrey P. Golden)
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-MC
    CC: JPG at MIT-MC

    Get a MACSYMA and type:
    THRU 1000 DO REV(C);
    Type ^] many times to get the computation time.  You will most likely get 
    at some time a possible infinite loop of 
    ;(#FILE-OUT-|TTY:* *|-64014 #FILE-OUT-|DSK:BR;Z Z|-64674) LOSING OUTPUT 
    (To see BR's (TJR's colleague) incredible REV definition, do 
    DISPFUN(REV); .  I don't know if this is a LISP bug, a bug in MACSYMA 
    display, a bug in our handling of ^], or due to BR's increduosity.
Fixed in the source and patched in the running LISP.