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    Obviously hacking the memory management is a pain, of my
    suggestions, the only trivial one I'd like to have would be the uof TRMOP to do the IO for TTY's and the corallary abilty
    to diddle the IO. bits with SSTATUS TTY.  This would
    make secondary TTY's useful.  The GL. bits stick even after
    you leave the lisp, while (for example) twiddling the IO.SUP
    bit of IO. whould give io suppression that stops when that
    channel goes away.
I think this can be arranged.
    As to keeping compatible  to 5.06 when 7.01 will be out
    in a few months,  I don't know what  the worth is of being compatwith a 4 year old operating system.
    	7.01 is said to have values for CRT's by the way.
Well, the 5.06 monitor is the only reasonable one around for KA10's.  5.06B
is probably the best monitor DEC has ever come out with (not in terms of 
features, of course, but in terms of usability and reliability).  Even CMUB
is running one.  Therefore, I have no plans to become incompatible to any
large degree, even when DEC releases 20.05C!
    Oh well, see you guys (no pun intended) later.