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JONL and I talked about 'streams' some more and we finally pinpointed the
problem -- that the stuff that currently exists in MacLISP and the new stuff
I have been adding (and calling 'streams') are really only subsets of the
global thing which we want to impliment in NIL.  Since it would be too much
effort to retrofit the more comprehensive stuff into PDP-10 MacLISP, we have
agreed that the implimentation of the stuff I am calling 'streams' is OK, but
that it should not be called streams (as the connotations are too strong and
potential conflicts with NIL exist).  Therefore, I am renaming the STREAM-
prefix on the functions and documentation to SFA- which stands for
[S]oftware [F]ile [A]rray.  A release date is not currently known, and will
be established as work progresses.

Hopefully expressing the sentiments of all correctly,