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I made a new LAP, which corrects the problem KMP pointed out yesterday
that |GWD was declared to be a fixnum function, but was ocasionally
returning NIL, thereby lousing up some of his code.  Also flushed
the private versions of PUSH, POP, DISPLACE to allow for use of the
systemic ones. A few other minor bugs and outdated "features" were
corrected, and I set up LAP so that in the case of PURE non-NIL but
not in the small-magnitude fixnum range, it changes it to be a small
fixnum; apparently the calls to LAPSETUP| are still ok, but the one
made with first arg T is more-or-less superfluous now (before, it was
to be sure that the UUOLINKS pages were set up, but now, these are
indefinitely extendible from scratch).
   I guess I also flushed the self-loader at the front, since almost
all usage is by the fasloading of the fasl file;  even if it is desired
to load an expr version (without all the offending typeout from top
level) the LOAD function is appropriate.  What a relic of the past
the file (ELAP )  is!