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Gunk! Can you have INCLUDE do a FASLP check on the file as it opens
it. There being little in the way of documentation, I just put an
in my file and was getting errors like
I spent a lot of time searching files for that one broken across <CR>
boundaries, etc. When I got:
it was rather obvious what I had done. A
would have been nice, or even make it smart and if it is doing a load
and gets a faslp type file included, make it fasload the thing? But at
any rate, please document what it does in this case to save people like
me the hassle of having to make something up and find out by trial and
error that it is only defined for ascii. Would it be hard for the complr
to take already fasl code and insert it directly into the fasl it is
outputing on a compilation? That would seem ideal, but for all I know
the calling sequence for a fasl file is something dependent on things that
the complr couldn't know. Oh, well.

Thanx. --kmp