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Re: More features for TOPS-10 LISP.

MacLISP is designed to run under 5.06B --
A) No interrupt system
B) No virtual memory

Therefore, many of the things you suggest, though they are definitly winnning
ideas, are not practical without MUCH work (which noone has the time to
invest right now).  The thing that was tried (before I came) was ^C trapping.
Apparently, GLS has had bad experience and I can't blame him (Tops-10 can't
handle ^C trapping correctly).  I don't think it is necessary to send me the
interrupt driven tty code (thanks for offering).  I have used the software
interrupt system and therefore could write the necessary code.  When/if
Macsyma on tops-10 becomes an issue, it is quite possible that many of your
ideas will be implimented (keep sending them!).

Thanks for your suggestions and comments (when I get a chance I'll look more
closely into some of the issues).