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[no subject]

    Date: 26 JUN 1978 0028-EDT
    From: GLS at MIT-MC (Guy L. Steele, Jr.)
    To: RWK at MIT-MC

        Date: 25 JUN 1978 0701-EDT
        From: RWK at MIT-MC (Robert W. Kerns)
        To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-MC

        (PROBEF '((USR) RWK LISP))
        should *NOT* create an inferior!
        Set the bit!
    It takes more than just setting the bit - it takes special-casing,
    and in the face of translations is impossible.  The problem is that
    in general the 1.4 bit has random meaanings on other devices.
    By a very lucky coincidence that bit is benign, and perhaps even
    desirable, for PROBEF of the DSK (don't set ref date).  But for other
    devices, who knows what might happen?  Sigh.

Yes, it takes a CAMN/TRO pair to d this special case check!  You're
letting that stop you from fixing the bug?  I agree that OPEN creating
an inferior is in many ways a loss;  Probably the meaning of the 1.4 bit
should be reversed....but since it is backards in this special case,
you need a special case check to give it the right value.  There is
nothng eivil in using special case checks to handle special cases!