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    Date: 23 JUN 1978 1530-EDT
    From: RLB at MIT-MC (Richard L. Bryan)
    To: DRB at MIT-MC, (BUG LISP) at MIT-MC

        From: DRB at MIT-MC (David R. Barton)

        (equal 0 0.0) returns NIL.  Is there a way to win for checking equality of
        two lisp numbers, which can be fix, flo, or big?

    What's wrong with (ZEROP (DIFFERENCE x y)) ? [contagious flonumification]

There's a small problem with x being a HUGE bignum and y being a flonum, such
that a flonum overflow is generated.  Also, it seems like a more efficient
check, say for two huge bignums, must exist [?].