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wanted to turn off echoing on input and couldn't
(that is done with use of the STATUS TTY on
ITS, isn't it?). On TOPS-10 all those bits which
I think are the GL. and IO. bits,
should be accessable with the TTCALLs GETLCH and SETLCH and
with the uuos GETSTS and SETSTS.
3) When I couldn't do a LISTEN from the secondary TTY, I tried
to do an alarmclock hack but found  taht that wasn't there.
PISYS software interrupts can't be used for that?
I note taht the SYSTEM-DEATH interrupt could use .PCKSY.
The system interrupts are supposed to get better ith
7.01 next year.  The LISP shold be aimed at 6.03 for now.
Do you guys have a 6.03 manual by the way.
4) Is it really true that binary program space can only be allocaonce at the beginning even if one is running the LISP
under a 6.03 with the VM option on a KI or KL??
5) Is the fact that there is no SYSCALL subr doe to the fact
that TOPS-10 has such an erratic calling sequences for its uuos?

Oh well, I'm enjoying doing the testout.  Communicate any
comments or questions.

[The missing line above after 2) shold read:
"not to produce anything  meaningful. I"