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Sharing of LISP jobs.

You are not making a distinction between dumping out a MACSYMA in a new
LISP with OLD fasl files, versus dumping out a new MACSYMA made of new
FASL files.  Assuming HIC has done his job of thoroughly testing the
new LISP, you should not encounter difficulties dumping an old MACSYMA
in a new LISP.  If you do, the new LISP should probably be deinstalled.
The exception to this is, of course, incompatible LISP changes.  These
tend to be few and far between, and are therefore not interesting.

My main point is that if we do not want SPOOLR's and COMPLR's completely
thrashing against MACSYMA's, this issue is important.  I would think
that it would be in the interest of MACSYMA that you encourage sharing
of LISPs between such systems.  If you feel it is not important, then
I will not bother concerning myself with the issue.