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Sharing of LISP jobs.

Whereas I agree that sharing amongst LISP jobs is important, I do not 
care for JLK's proposed solutions.  [1] :L, :LISP SHOULD be used for 
the most recent LISP.  This would greatly aid development of programs, 
of which LISP is one, and encourage usage and testing of the changes in 
LISP.  It is essential that a LISP be tested out before a MACSYMA to be 
released is dumped in it, and I see of no better way than to call it 
"L" or "LISP".
[2] We have long ago determined that a user, released system such as 
MACSYMA should not be dumped out frequently, as this is the way to 
make it stable and reliable, and make it possible for users to cope 
with changes and bugs.  Furthermore, a new MACSYMA undergoes thorough 
testing before release and this occupies a good deal of my time and 
others' time.
[3] For the best development, systems such as LISP and MACSYMA should be 
released when most appropriate to their development.  Anyway, there 
might very well be a new MACSYMA soon.