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I can see no one is attempting to encourage sharing of LISP jobs.
MACSYMA is in LISP 1513 and there is no link of any flavor of
LISP to that LISP version.  I think it is unreasonable to expect other
lisp users to grovel around searching for random PURQIO's to
load in order not to gronk MC.  :L and :LISP should ALWAYS get
you the same LISP as MACSYMA is dumped in.  :NLISP or whatever
should be used for the most recent LISP.  And OLISP should be
the previous :LISP (by implication being the LISP that OMAXIM
is dumped in).  The alternative is to encourage JPG to dump out
MACSYMA's more frequently, and HIC to install LISP's no more than
once a week...