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    Date: 6 June 1981 05:04-EDT
    From: Richard L. Bryan <RLB at MIT-MC>
    At some time since 6/3/81 19:24, SHARPC was broken so that
    no longer works.  It had worked fine as of the above date.
Broken by compilation, which depends on SHARPA.  Apparently Kerns 
hasn't yet changed the documentation for SHARPC -- the names of feature 
sets are now LOCAL, MACLISP, NIL etc, rather than LOCAL-FEATURES, 
    DAMN IT!! Is it so hard to test this stuff before barfing it out on
    the rest of the world???
Certainly, the format
	    (WHEN-FEATURE ((LOCAL ITS) mumble)))
does work and was tested in SHARPC.   I may have mentioned to you the 
change in names, plus the synonyming/equivalencing feature for backward 
compatibility;  the latter feature is the buggy one, which is in SHARPA.
I've corrected it, and re-compiled SHARPC so that the backwards-compatibility
thing works now.