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    Date: 5 June 1981 00:14-EDT
    From: Kent M. Pitman <KMP>
    To:   GJC
    cc:   BUG-LISP

        Date: 4 June 1981 21:59-EDT
        From: George J. Carrette <GJC>

        Why is DEFMACRO-FOR-COMPILING in the bare lisp environment and bound to T?
    The Lisp Machine behaves in this way and for naive users, it would be best
    if macros did not disappear at compile time. DEFMACRO-FOR-COMPILING=NIL
    is a sophisticated setting and should not be the default.

Sorry, the question is really "why isn't this variable autoloading along with
DEFMACRO? It would seem that unless one has done a defmacro nothing in
the environment needs this switch" For example, the variable MACROS, which
has been in maclisp for some time now, is unbound in a bare lisp.