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    Date: 4 June 1981 14:39-EDT
    From: Alan Bawden <ALAN at MIT-MC>
	Date: 4 June 1981 01:33-EDT
	From: Gerald Jay Sussman <GJS at MIT-MC>
	on eecs, (ledit) fails because the file DEFVSY , which should be
	on (PS MACLISP) is not there.
    That's funny, it fails for me due to an unrecoverable fixpdl everflow.
    (Someone seems to have moved DEFVSY over however.)
It works fine in the current LISP (version 1117) which is called XLISP
on EE until after the end of the term.  If no one objects now, maybe
SCOTT could continue the move of current software from XX to EE.
KMP had wanted to wait until after the end of the term to update EE so
that the students using ULISP didn't have to take notice of any changes.