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arguments to READ, TYI, and PRINT, TYO

It would be very nice to have a defined primitive that
took a list of "READ-compatible" arguments, and returned
a list (<actual-stream-object> <actual-EOF-token>).
I could use this in both Macsyma and Cgol, instead of defining
my own primitive. (I really hate to have to use FILEP, SFAP,
and check the value of ^Q.) The lispm has an SI:DECODE-READ-ARGS,
that nicely insulates one from the particularly ugly way of
checking STREAM-P'ness used.

Maybe all this is moot. What I *really* want is to be able to
take my function (DEFUN MY-READ-BARE (STREAM EOF-TOKEN) ...) 
[Perhaps a special form (DEFREADER MY-READ MY-READER-BARE)]
So that I'm insulated from whatever hacks are used on a
particular system for doing stream-defaulting, rubout-processing,
or whatever.