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    Date: 17 May 1981 2258-EDT
    From: Chiron of Thessaly <FEINBERG at CMU-20C>
	    When using the FERROR function here from the Cerror package,
    function explodes way down in the SFA handler because CHARPOS is
    undefined.  I belive I made the right fix, . . . [in]
	    RAF;CERROR 44          at MIT-MC
    . . .
Indeed, the handler function for the ERROR-OUTPUT sfa should have a
CHARPOS message.  But the meaning of the third argument, when the
message-key is CHARPOS or LINEL, is either () or a list of a value
to which the corresponding attribute should be set.  I've fixed this
up accordingly, and fixed a similar problem with the CURSORPOS
handling code, and installed here as CURSORPOS 46 -- source is on
the LSPSRC directory.  Note that a new QUERIO files will be necessary
too, since the new CERROR may use a function with will autoload from