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STRING oddity

    Date: 4 May 1981 11:15-EDT
    From: Jon L White <JONL at MIT-MC>
    Subject:  STRING oddity
    To: KMP at MIT-MC
    cc: BUG-LISP at MIT-MC, VP at MIT-MC
	Date: 4 May 1981 00:59-EDT
	From: Kent M. Pitman <KMP at MIT-MC>
	Why not just (NIL . 5)?
    Because the SEND interpreter like to assume LSUBR format -- it
    does make for faster dispatching.  DEFMETHOD* creates method
    functions and puts in the *LEXPR declaration.
Correction:  The SEND interpreter *MUST* assume LSUBR format, or
assume it is not compiled, because LSUBR and SUBR pointers cannot
be distinguished!  The declaration is **LEXPR, not *LEXPR.