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Re: upcoming format, fyi

Some of the stuff has been remodularized, and some random data-structure
has been flushed, so some stuff (notably the justification hair for
~A, ~S, ~D, ~O) has been moved back into the main fasl file.

~C has been changed to be more compatible with the current Lispm
definition.  Approximately:
  ~C just outputs the arg (coerced to a character code)
  ~@C does a # inversion, eg "#\return", "#/A"
  ~:C tries to print the character in human-readable form.  Uses the
      same name inversion as ~@C does.  eg, "Return", "Meta-A".
  ~:@C is ~@C plus parenthetically states how the character can be
      typed on the user's keyboard.  There is a hook for this, and
      no action is supplied by default.

The floating-point operators are under development, and i will not
commit myself to detailed specifications other than the following:
  ~nF = output the flonum arg in n digits
  ~nE = output the flonum arg in exponential format in n digits
  ~r,l$ = output the flonum arg in fixed format with exactly r digits
    to the right of the decimal point, and at least l to the left
    (default r = 2, l = 1, as in "dollars")