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    Date: 22 April 1981 06:55-EST
    From: Jon L White <JONL>
    To:   SOLEY
    cc:   BUG-STRING

        Date: 21 April 1981 16:45-EST
        From: Richard Mark Soley <SOLEY at MIT-MC>
        Why WHY WHY was STRING-MISMATCHQ changed?  It was working so well....
        STRING-MISMATCHQ should return a FIXNUM (index of first change)
        or it should return NIL (no difference in strings). 
        .  .  .
    STRING-MISMATCHQ now works ok in version 153 (now on LISP;).  Soley, this 
    problem and the recent string gc probelm are partly to blame on you and your 
    idea of having a STR/:COMPARE-WORDS -- had it been left to me, there would
    have been no desire to fiddle with tenuously-working code.  No more "ideas" 
    for STRING.
Please, JONL, let's have none of that -- I never asked you to change
anything, just add str:compare-words.

	-- Richard