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    Date: 18 April 1981 01:36-EST
    From: Edward Barton <EB at MIT-AI>
    What on earth does this mean:
    ;System error, or system code incomplete: Id 'NIL' in function SI:INVALIDATED.
    ;    Losing datum is: LIST
In the LISP RECENT note of "Friday, Dec 5,1980", there was an announcement of
the function +INTERNAL-LOSSAGE -- this particular instance of its usage is
related to the macro-caching package.  Probably you changed the value of
MACRO-EXPANSION-USE in the middle of some debugging session, but even if 
you didn't, the new DEFMAX package should correct the problem.  I made the
DEFMAX facility more robust with regard to this kind of problem on April 5,
but apparently didn't :INSTALL it to AI --  have just done so this afternoon.
So if you could try the same problem again, I'd appreciate knowing if it
has gone away (using DEFMAX 92).