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More MacLISP stuff, and LEDIT

Well, Finally foound what appears to be the near-optimal
solution for the TOPS-20 line-mode, and have patched it
into the dumped maclisp here at score;  These things just
aren't visible on MIT-XX and other MIT Tweneces, since they
ahve the super-winning VTS code now.  In fact, neither ITS
version nor TENEX version lets LINMODE get full control, 
as it does under the RDTTY jsys.  But in any case, it
seems back in shape again;  maybe we should try FTPing the
LISP.EXE file from SCORE to CMU-20C  for the benefit of
bug-finders there?
   As for LEDIT, well, there is another problem evident at
SCORE which doesn't happen at CMU, MIT, or on TENEX systems --
namely, login names like "CSD.FOO" don't work right as a
file extension for the temporary name file hac.  I've fixed
up the lisp side of LEDIT to strip off all characters up to
and including the last ".", but someone'll have to look
at the LEDIT.EMACS file and figure out how to get the string
in q-reg 3 (which came from FS UName) to be likewise stripped.
Any takers?