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Date: Mon, 4 Aug 81 13:29:54 GMT
Original-Date: 04/08/81 09:29:54 EDT
    From: KWC at MIT-ML

    I noticed that DEFSTRUCT-EXPAND-REF-MACRO has a SUBR property ...
    Perhaps someone could think of a better name, because this name
    can be misinterpreted as I did at first.
Well, it's not as ambiguous as it looks at first glance. In fact,
as it turns out, Lisp doesn't even try to parse the name at all. It
*only* looks on the plist. So it will, correctly, infer that this is a
subr without even being slowed down by the apparent ambiguity. It will
not only not be misinterpreted, it won't even be miscompiled!

Could be you're due for a vacation, Ken. You've been studying natural 
language too long.