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CURSORPOS argument order

    Date:  7 APR 1981 1758-EST
    From: HES at MIT-AI (Howard Shrobe)
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    In System 65.33, ZMail 19.4, Daedalus 15.7, microcode 739, on Lisp Machine Two:
    why does cursorpos take the stream as the first arg in lispm
    when it takes it as the last arg in maclisp?

Well it's documented to take it as the first arg in Maclisp, or it was when the
Lisp machine cursorpos was written.  Evidently it was changed.  The only
Lisp machine program I know of that uses CURSORPOS is Macsyma; so how come
Macsyma works?