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Date: Sat, 5 Apr 81 01:32:37 GMT
Original-Date: 04/04/81 21:32:37 EDT
    From: GSB at MIT-ML

    It seems that grindef defines some rather useful names, like PREDICT.
    PREDICT's name should be a little bit more specific about who or
    what it is predicting for.
I have renamed the function PREDICT to GPREDICT. PREDICT looks like something
users might know about, so to avoid lossage I have PREDICT get defined as an
alias for GPREDICT iff GPREDICT is not FBOUNDP. If you happen to load your
PREDICT definition after GRINDEF, you'll not be redefining anything critical.
The EXPR property that conditionally goes on PREDICT can be removed after a 
while if/when people have changed any code that expected this function to 
exist. The new GFN is version 462 and is installed on AI,ML, and MC.  Let me
know if there are problems. The previous version is MC:LISP;GFN OFASL if 
anything bad happens and someone wants to retract the change. -kmp