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Say, this sort of proposal/discussion really belongs in LISP-FORUM, 
if anywhere:
    Date: 5 April 1981 11:31-EST
    From: George J. Carrette <GJC at MIT-MC>
    Subject:  CASEQ doesn't do MEMQ
    To: KMP at MIT-MC
    cc: BUG-LISP at MIT-MC
    Hold it. I meant CASEQ does a MEMQ *after* some syntactic sugar
    has been applied, e.g. (CASEQ q (item ...)) => (CASEQ q ((item) ...)).
    .  .  .
However, with respect to your initial bug report
    Date:  4 APR 1981 1414-EST
    From: GJC at MIT-MC (George J. Carrette)
    (CASEQ '(FOO BAR) '((X) 8)) gives a WRNG-TYPE-ARG error for
    its first argument. Says it wants a SYMBOL or a FIXNUM.
    I thought the definition of CASEQ was that it used MEMQ
    to test the cases except that "=" is used in maclisp if the
    cases are all fixnums.
The documentation of CASEQ appears in the LISP NEWS dated "JAN 26,1978",
and says nothing about MEMQ.  Furthermore, the format is a special form
with the keys being explicity typed in, so EQ is only appropriate for
SYMBOLS, as is mentioned in that documentation.