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From:     ALAN@MIT-AI
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 79 05:30:59 GMT
Original-Date: 10/11/79 01:30:59 EDT
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-AI
    It looks to me like lisp will only ask for jcl when both the 
    OPTCMD and OPTBRK bits are set in .OPTION .  This makes it hard to
    pass jcl to an inferior lisp, because you have to handle all .BREAKS .
    It seems to me that if you do a (status jcl) and OPTCMD is set,
    then that is enough to justify interrupting your superior.
I've just edited the source to accomodate this suggestion - should
be out in LISP version number 1876 or greater.