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I think I found the problem that prevented opening DEC-10 PTYs in TTY
mode.  The file NMOBY on the MACLISP dir is a moby with this problem
patched out.  I suggest that you two do whatever it was you wanted to do
with PTYs and subjob control, and if no problems crop up, I will ask
JONL to fix the universal source.  One problem you should be aware of in
NMOBY:  it has a DDT linked into the image, and for some reason this
makes ^G cause a fatal error.  If you want to ^G, do a ^C to the system,
REENTER, and type G to the prompt.  That works OK.

JONL -- In case you're wondering, the problem is at the start of the
IFN D10 block following OPEN1P.  There is CAME test for device name TTY
there that needs to be augmented to test for PTY as well, so that these too
can open in TTY SINGLE mode.  I have temporarily smashed the CAME at
OPEN1P+2 to a SKIPA to create NMOBY.  Probably best to wait until this
is tortured a bit before smashing the source, unless perhaps you're doing
a new version anyway.