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Last minute paranoia about ignoring <CR>'s

Some points to consider ... 

(1) JPG claims there may be a large number of Macsyma save files with bignums
    broken across lines... 
(2) As I recall, RLB mentioned something to me a long time ago about 
    compatibility on other sites where there is a maximum record-length 
    and records are delimited by <CR>'s ... this might mean it is impossible
    for a system to store lines past a certain length for us. Probably
    end-of-records could be special cased in some way so that the <CR> could
    be meaningful in all other places -- eg, <CR>'s that occur at that boundary
    might be ignored? a double-<CR> at that point might be needed for intended
    single <CR> there ... dunno.

I'm still in favor of flushing the current convention, but let's make sure
nothing much will break first ...