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Changing CR in LISP, reply/opinion

I presume the original reason for CR being ignored was that data written
out to a file with finite linelength shorter than the longest atom pname
or numeric value could be read back in without hassle even if the data
had been broken to make it fit.  How to you propose to handle this if the
change is made to break atoms across crlf?  (I have some programs
currently that generate large BIGNUMs and write them to files.  I don't
know if they are broken across crlf, since this is masked by TCTYP width
when I try to type it out, unless I look carefully and distinguish 72
from 78 characters.)  I have always been bothered by crlf being ignored
when I type in stuff, but have learned to live with it.  Living with
the "standard" way instead would be interesting...