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I am in favor of the proposed CR change.  However, it would 
certainly cause some trouble to MACSYMA if things were changed.  
(1) MACSYMA SAVE files are written to by using PRINT and CRs are generated 
by default in LISP when very long atoms (e.g. numbers) are printed.
I do not relish having to mend user's SAVE files to support this change.
Perhaps if any change here were switchable at least for some reasonable 
period of time while LISP stopped behaving in TERPRI NIL mode wrt 
printing very long atoms, things would be ok.
(2) A similar problem occurs on the user input end.  People would have 
to train themselves to overflow lines without typing CR when inputting 
long atoms.  I suppose this is not too much to ask.
(3) When I used to use ML's LPT, it used to overprint horribly when 
outputting atoms > its linel in length.  (I.e. when no newlines were used.)
Is it really the case that there are no similar lossages today, that if 
one tries to print out a very long atom that one will win no matter what 
the output device is, i.e. no obliterating overprinting will occur?