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Well, I'll try some of your suggestions out. Its not like its
very vital to have things read from the TTY in the correct way
in user read macros because I want to use them mainly to make code
look prettier in files. If there was a standard macro shell
that acted like | acts then that would be all I would need.
I want to have {cruft...n} read in as if it was 
(some-atom-crunching-macro |cruft...n|) then one could do explode or
whatever.  (SSTATUS STRING-LIKE-MACRO BALANCE { } 'some-atom-cruncher)
Macros wich call READ seem to win always, ones that call TYI loose,
and from your description its because of maclisps own tty pre-scanner,
sounds like its easier to add a fix to the system that will cover almost
all cases. Could the code for | be addapted slightly to cover this?
Is balancing harder then delimiting?