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    Date: 12 October 1979 19:03-EDT
    From: Stavros M. Macrakis <MACRAK at MIT-MC>
    To:   BUG-LISP

    I had ^D on and ground a function.  I got
    ; new list segment added to make this a long line (defun foo (x)
    							 bar q...
    That is, the GC message totally screwed up the grind.  I don't see
    how to avoid this though, unless GC messages remember what charpos
    they started at and restore that position at the end of the line....

The obvious thing would be for the message-printer to do a fresh-line operation
before the message and a new-line after.  (A fresh-line operation is like ^PA
or (CURSORPOS 'A), but generalized to arbitrary streams).  Probably not worth
fixing in MacLisp, which is a loser anyway...