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MacLisp documentation

    Date:  1 October 1979 1954-EDT
    From: Dave Touretzky <Dave.Touretzky at CMU-10A>
    In-Reply-To: MILLER's message of 30 Sep 79 12:24-EST

    Here at CMU we have tried to reduce the seriousness of the documentation
    problem by producing a summary of MacLisp functions, variables, status
    calls, etc.  It's about 25 pages long (in two-column form), and covers
    most of MacLisp as it exists at CMU.

    We plan to distribute this to students taking an introductory LISP course
    this week, and eventually to release it as a pocket reference.  There are
    probably a few errors left, which is why we want to test it on the students,
    but anybody who wants a copy of the source file (the summary was done in
    SCRIBE) should send me mail.

    -- Dave Touretzky

You should note that the Student Information Processing Board of MIT
publishes an excellent introductory text on MacLisp written by Bernie
Greenberg.  It is not a comprehensive reference guide, but is useful for
those just learning the language.  It is currently being used by two
introductory computer science courses at MIT (about 150 students) and is
available by sending $3.00 to:

	       Student Information Processing Board
	       Room 39-200, MIT
	       Cambridge, MA  02139