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I believe you have your DEFAULTF set wrong.  I believe you want it set to
((DSK SCOTT) SCOTT TEMP 0), or better
((DSK SCOTT) SCOTT LSP 0).  Note that's 0, not *.  Generally, you don't
want a * in any of the positions of DEFAULTF that you wouldn't want defaulted
to be * literally.  I.e. it might make sense to use ((DSK SCOTT) * LSP 0),
since it would generally be foolish to default the first name, but it does
make sense to default the extension and version number.

However, I'm not sure that's the right error message for the situation.  But
try using 0 instead of * in your DEFAULTF, and see how things look.

(JONL:  Why does LISP use PS: as the default instead of DSK: ?  Wouldn't it
make more sense to use DSK:?  Isn't DSK: normally defined already to be PS:
in most people's environment, and isn't it's semantics the same as that
component of DEFAULTF?  If LISP were to change, I don't think Scott would have
any reason to be setting DEFAULTF at all...)