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Control characters in # macro.

My opinion is that #^A should be read on the Lisp machine
the same as #/A, while #/A should read in Maclisp as
a 9-bit character.  This achieves these goals:
1) A simpleminded program that wants to define C-A as a command and
presumably uses 7-bit input on ITS can use #^A and work on both machines.
2) A hairier program that wants to deal with the control and meta bits
can use #/A and work on both machines.
3) In Maclisp, then, you can specify a character in either character
set and no other switch is required for specifying which.

As for NIL, if it is going to define non-ASCII characters at all
then it should define #/A to produce one.  Otherwise, it should not
accept #/A.  It should accept #^A as the ASCII control character.