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Re: some of us twenex maclisp users...

Hmm, we're thinking along the same lines today.  I was  just
looking at some of the interlisp functions for fork handling
and they are quite  acceptable.  I'd like  to start work  on
these much needed twenex  functions (in order, from  trivial
to complex), am  not really  sure where to  start.  I  think
that a  cursorpos equivilent  would perhaps  be one  of  the
easier functions, and  ones like syscall  (jsys) and  valret
(subsys) are quite hairy.  I am not an midas user; would any
of  these  be  writable  in  lisp/lap?   At  one  time,  RWK
suggested trying a cursorpos  using SFA's, does anyone  have
any ideas along these lines?  One last thing, there seems to
be very few  words from the  twenex maclisp community.   I'd
like to hear from them, the  number of maclisp users at  SRI
is countable on one hand.