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LISP Bugs Fixed While You Wait

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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 79 18:51:18 GMT
Original-Date: 08/18/79 14:51:18 EDT
    From: ALAN at MIT-AI
    To:   (BUG LISP) at MIT-AI
    Re:   God damn it!

    STILL wrong! Now splicing macros at top level always return NIL.
    That is ~(a) => nil at top level.
    Also LISPT users are going to have a hard time since $DEV5K is
    no longer there for GETDDTSYM to find. (Perhaps this is in some
    package LISPT uses (HUMBLE ?) I didn't have the patience to find out.)

LISPT PATCH patches $DEV5K.  In 1860, $DEV5K has been renamed $DEVBUF, which
is a somewhat superior name.  I have patched LISP to also have the symbol
$DEV5K for this location.  LISPT PATCH seems to work properly under the
cursory examination I gave it.  However, somebody should probably check it
out a bit more to be sure, and change it to use the symbol $DEVBUF instead
by the next LISP version.