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Bug in LISP 860 at CMU

Our new lisp now loads OK and runs the INI files.  But it is impossible to
run it on TOPS-10 with DDT.  It seems to be blowing away some locations
starting at 4525, which are part of DDT when we have DDT loaded.  It is
interesting to note that 4525 is the octal high part of the PPN corresponding
to C380.  This, of course, makes it look like the MACLISP directory is being
used as an address at which to store something, perhaps more literally than is
intended.  I suspect some other random bug is caused when DDT is not loaded.

I will try to poke around and pinpoint the problem more precisely over the
weekend, though it will be hard with DDT being clobbered.  Just thought I'd
mention it to you in case it rings a bell.  It presumably has to be due to
the recent batch of changes -- DDT was working fine earlier.
-- Scott