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(CURSORPOS 'S, R, P, or Q)

None of the above worked.  The code had been munged in various wrong
ways, at CRSRP9 the bits enabling these were missing.  At the two
tables, one was right (i.e. it knew what kind of TTY's could do the
operations, but it later thought they were in error....rather than
simply "all done with no side effect...) I made it think they all
don't do anything to the cursor, which not true of any of them but may
let KMP win for now.  The right answers are:
P,Q -- Move forward 1 space if in sail mode not image, 2 if not image
	not sail, else 0 (not LISP's problem!).
S,R -- S should save it, R should restore it.
I've got other other things to do right now, so I haven't made it do them
right.  I did fix and patch as described above (patch only on MC), and
put in a WARN in the source to remind whoever (JONL) that it's in need
of a (easy) fix.  Also, I left extra sources around for you to SRCCOM
if you like, needing flushing.

Gad, what an incoherent note, must have something to do with my continually
falling asleep while typing.  Anyway, I think the facts are all there.