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(CURSORPOS 'TOP) works quite well.  I think documenting this is better
than changing the behaviour of LISP, because I don't see any compatible
change which will also fix the (CURSORPOS 'T) case.

DHD:  The problem is that T has the meaning of STANDARD-IO, i.e. the
terminal, controlled by ^W etc. flags.  And CURSORPOS is defined to
work for a FILE as the first argument just as (CURSORPOS) looks at T
or something.  So it really is defined conflictingly, but (CURSORPOS 'TOP)
works fine.

Interestingly, (CURSORPOS 'T 'T) also works fine, because the meaning
of the T's are unambiguous, and different!

Actually, it should be standardized as (CURSORPOS 'CLEAR), (CURSORPOS 'FORWARD)