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[no subject]

I am cleaning up my directory now that I have my program working.
To start it, say this:
(REC-EV-BD #BD T 4 1)
;(COUNT-BITS 377750040_11 YIELDS 377100242453)  error message detecting
;BKPT *RSET-TRAP				clobbered FIXNUMs
if you omit the (SETQ #SAFE NIL) step, it works correctly because all
the FIXNUM constants accessed by the buggy compiled code are on a global
s-expression #SAFE thus they get marked during GC and not reaped.
Source is currently REM;CY13 > but may change if I work on program,
but that file or any with similar name should suffice for diagnosing
the bug in QCOMPL as interfacing to G.C. in LISP (or vice versa).

You may wish to delete parts of earlier messages which are obsoleted
by this message (such as old file names and less-precise guesses as
to the cause of the bug).