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I've added a line or two to FORMAT source code so that the FASL will
indeed be independent of SAIL/ITS distinction for tilde;  also, I
put in that suggestion you made last April about letting NIL as first
argument to FORMAT mean return string, and T mean "STANDARD-OUTPUT",
so that if one wants to specify the "T" rather than "TYO", he
would have to type "'(T)".  If you like this, and if it seems to
work, howabout sending out a Questionaire to the ITS/SAIL maclisp
community to see if it is acceptable, and then we can move the
FASL code from COMLAP to LISP.  I hesitate to do it myself since
I have no usages of format except for relativety trivial ones, 
and don't have any feel for how serious the change is.