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Questionable "modifications" to LIBDOC;6BIT

(1) I have never had an application for doing 6bit->ascii or vice versa in real
    time. Almost invariably, this is done in reader macros where the translation
    occurs once only and at compile time. There is no reason to make it twice as
    fast. It was not significantly slow. Worrying about someone using BOOLE or
    LOGAND instead of LOAD-BYTE or whatever is like worrying about someone using
    (PROG1 ...) instead of LET or PROG instead of DO. There may be a one or two
    instruction difference but who really cares? At this point in the evolution of
    Maclisp, code readability is worth its weight in gold.

(2) My code was readable and compact. The cruft you wrote is long and unintelligible.

(3) My code uses advertised functions, not crufty internal things with /| hanging
    off the end of them. If the advertised functions are too slow, we should make
    and advertise new functions with nice names.

If you want to write your own package in such a form and propose it as an alternative
that's fine, but I don't think that the LIBDOC;6BIT KMP2 which you wrote qualifies
as something simply "added to" LIBDOC;6BIT KMP1. I will let you take the trouble
of de-installing the `mods' ... I've spent as much time on this as I care to.